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Can you escape?  Can you get away from your phone?  Sure you can, you can turn it off.  Can you get away from it’s signal or the signals coming to it… no, those waves are inescapable.  What about the other radio waves you are being exposed to constantly.  These waves have an impact on your mind, your aura is constantly exposed to waves that you aren’t aware of, at least cognizantly.

A client of ours asked us to create them a room where they could completely escape.  To get away from all signals except their own thoughts.  What an amazing idea.  We created the “Meditation Room”.  A signal proof room that allows ones to completely escape.

Give us a call to find out how we can create something as simple as a 2m x 2m roof that is completely signal proof in your home.  Meditate, relax, escape or just go somewhere to have a completely undisturbed nap.

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