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At Caruso Homes we help you find the mortgage broker or finance option that works for you. It is always good idea to determine your borrowing capacity early in the process and work out if the property development, renovation, refit or investment is right for your situation. In most cases, approval from a lending institution might be needed for people looking to develop a property.

In the case of property development, the lender will be looking after the feasibility of the project, ensuring that the development team have allowed for contingencies. The risk, from a lender’s perspective, is different when financing the whole project rather than a single home, hence they want to make sure that a professional and carefully planned approach has been implemented in the project.

In opposition to the worth of the project after completion, lenders also use Loan to Value ratio (LVR) to determine the percentage of funding. In addition to the Loan to Value ratio, most financiers also lend the ongoing interest for the development. There are many factors that determine the lender’s decision including but not limited to, the location of the development and history of development in the area, market performance in the area, size and quality of the dwellings.

Caruso Homes has great experience in property development. We ensure that all documentation required for the finance application is prepared in accordance to the lenders requirement, giving your projects the best chance of getting off the ground.

We can also help you keep in touch with the finance brokers with the range of financial solutions.

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